Photo by  Olivier Garros   2014 at Paris

Takuya Tsukahara


Selected Biography

1937   Born in Tokyo

1958   Begin photograph Toyama  Shimoguri village in Nagano Japan

1959   Graduate the Department of Photography of the College of Art in Nihon University Tokyo

1968   One Certain World published print in Camera magazine in Switzerland. Met Mr. Alan Porter editor 

1972   Visited Poland at invited by the painter Gabriel Rechowicz

1974   One-man Exhibition: “One Certain World” at the Sunset Center Carmel, California. Invited by Mr. Ansel Adams.
          Met American photographers Wynn Bullock and Brett Weston One-man Exhibition “ One Certain World ”
          presented in 7 city in  Poland. Organized by the Union of Art Photographers of Poland.

1975   Visit France and Poland. Sponsored by the Japanese Agency of Culture.In Paris live one year worked on prints
           based on photographs at the serigraphy print at studio of Jean Michel Foron

1976   Became a member of Europhoto. the European Photographers Association.Established friendly ties with Prof.
          Floris Neususs Kassel University

1979   Became honorary member of the Union of Art Photographers of Poland.

1981   Establish Striped House Museum of Art in Roppongi Tokyo

1984   Begin photograph and research Polish Madonna icon in Catholic Church and monastery

1985   Australian photography Association invite for lecture in Brisbane    

1990   Document Photograph of candidate Mr. Lech Walesa for the first Polish President

1991   Completed Ceramic Mural “ Ocean Fantasy ”(8mx6m) in Osaka

1996   Completed a series of Virgin Madonna Icons, entitled “101 Madonna ” which included Icon of the Black
          Madonna at Jasuna Gora monastery in Poland Had   audience with John Paul Ⅱ at Vatican and donation
           of special bound    portfolio “ Polish Madonna ” to the Pope.

1992   Invited to the exhibition at CAYC Buenos Airs Begin photograph of giant cactus in Los Andes Argentine Until
1993   Establish open seminar  University of the End of Century at Stripe House Museum of Art

1994   Invited to the 15th conference of world art critic at Buenos Aires Bella Arte

1999   Published  “ 101 Madonna ” “ Cactus Fantasy ” by The Mainichi in Tokyo

2000   Begin the traveling to East Europe Ukraine Lthuania

2004   Begin the ruins of coal mine series. Silesia Poland, Ostrava Czech, Battle ship island Nagasaki.

2008    Begin photograph The Garden which peoples love a view of nature Japan

2013    Begin photograph The garden of Monet in Giverny France 

2015    「GIVERNY」with fore season completion

            Finished oto-journy to east European countries sevens border areas

2016    Discovered negative of Toyama had taken six decades ago

2017    Held an Exhibition and publish “The Utopia;Toyama village” by The Sinano Mainichi Simbun Inc.

One-man exhibitions

1967-68,70  “One Certain World” at Ichibankan Gallery in Tokyo (Japan)

1974    “One Certain World” at Friends of Photography Gallery, California Sunset Center (USA)

             “The Touchable Space of Takuya Tsukahara -White Playat at Wako Hall, Tokyo(Japan)

1981     “Silver Note” at Ginza Wako Hall Tokyo (Japan)

1988             “ Ocean Fantasy ”at Gdansk Gallery, (Poland)

1992             “ Ocean Fantasy ”at CAYC Buenos Aires(Argentina)

1996-97        “101 Madonna” at Jasna  Gora Monastery Museum (Poland)

1998             “ Two Prayer ” at Contax Salon Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

                     “ 101 Madonna ” at Polish Institute Stockholm (Sweden)

                     “ Love and Peace of Mary ” at Nagasaki Brick Hall (Japan)

                     “ Ocean Fantasy ” at Center of Japanese Art & Technology 

                     “ Manggha ” under the National Museum of Krakow (Poland)

1999             “ Cactus Fantasy ” at Ginza Wako Hall Tokyo (Japan)

2000             “ 101 Madonna ” at Striped House Museum inTokyo (Japan)

                     “ Cactus Fantasy ” at Mala Gallery in Warsaw (Poland)

                     “ Cactus Fantasy “ at Reszow – Galeria 4 ( Poland )

                     “ Cactus Fantasy “ at Gdansk Foto Galeria ( Poland )

2002             “ Before and After 1945 ” at Striped House Gallery , Tokyo (Japan)

                     “ Cactus Fantasy ” at Prospekto Gallery inVilnius (Lithuania)

                     “ End of Edo and Meiji ”Photo Collection by Takuya Tsukahara at Striped House Gallery in Tokyo (Japan)

                     “ End of Edo and Meiji ” Photo Collection by Takuya Tsukahara

                                                                                         at Center of Japanese Art & Technology “Manggha ” (Poland)

2005             “ Ocean Fantasy ” at Foto Club in Split (Croatia)

2006             “ August 1944 Paris ” at Striped House Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

2007             “ Silesia ” Fiducia Gallery  Ostorava (Czech Republic)

2010             “ Silesia “ Tokyo Polytechnic University

                     “ Silver Note ” Striped House Gallery in Tokyo

2011             “ The Garden ” Striped House Gallery

2012             “ Silver Note Sequel ” Striped House Gallery

2017             “ The Utopia;Toyamago village 1958 ” Striped House Gallery

2019             “ The Border ” Striped House Gallery
        “ The Utopia;Toyamago village 1958 ” The Iida City Museum 

                     “ The Utopia;Toyamago village 1958 ” The Shinano Media Garden

2020             “ Unchaged Life from 1970 Spain, Portugal, Pakistan” Striped House Gallery

2021             “ GIVERNY  Monet's beloved water garden” Striped House Gallery



“ The touchable space of Takuya Tsukahara -White Play ” Gallery Press (Japan)

“ Silver Note ” Striped House Museum of Art (Japan)

“ Ocean Fantasy ” Striped House Museum of Art

“ 101 Madonna Icons ” The Mainichi (Japan)

“ Cactus Fantasy ” The Mainichi (Japan)

“The Utopia; Toyamago village 1958 ” The Sinano Mainichi Simbun Inc.(Japan)



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